Whonix with Qubes

Benefits using Whonix on Qubes

To improve your privacy and anonymity on the internet, you can install the Whonix Template on your Qubes machine.

Whonix is based on Debian and Tor and utilizes two VMs, a “gateway” and a “workstation”. Qubes security architecture makes use of Whonix’s isolation by using the gateway as a ProxyVM to route all network traffic through Tor, while the workstation is used for making AppVMs.

The Qubes project is focused on developing the Qubes OS desktop operating system, which is based upon the principle of "Security by Isolation". It is not a general purpose operating system where the ability to install a virtualizer is just another feature. Rather, it runs a bare-metal virtualizer (Xen) and isolates hardware controllers and multiple user domains (qubes) in separate VMs that are explicitly assigned different levels of trust.

The most important factors

  • Anonymity: it is easier to tunnel the whole system -- including host (dom0) updates -- through Tor (besides sys-net and sys-firewall).
  • Security:: multiple Whonix-Workstation ™s AppVMs can easily use the same Whonix-Gateway ™ ProxyVM without being able to make contact with one another.
  • Secure copy / paste operations between VMs.
  • Secure copying and transfer of files between VMs.
  • Sanitization of PDFs and images.