Browser Fingerprinting

How unique are you on the internet? Your Browser sends a lot of information that makes you unique amongst millions of users. This makes you easy to identify.

Browser fingerprinting is an incredibly accurate method of identifying unique browsers and tracking online activity.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to wipe all of your fingerprints from the internet. But first, let’s start by exploring what, exactly, browser fingerprinting is.

Browser fingerprinting is a powerful method that websites use to collect information about your browser type and version, as well as your operating system, active plugins, timezone, language, screen resolution and various other active settings.

You can test it by yourself. Electronic Frontier Foundation created a online tool called Panopticlick. This tool tests your browser to see how unique it is.

Websites use the information provided by browsers to identify unique users and track their online behavior. This process is therefore called “browser fingerprinting.

Defend yourself against Browser Fingerprinting

You need your browser to look as common as everyone else. These are a few option that will make your browser stick out from the masses.